Great Reusable Travel Cups for Autumn

Anytime is a good time to make the switch from single-use, disposable coffee cups to a reusable options. It’s estimated that 1 million disposable coffee cups are used each year in Ireland alone and that using just one disposable cup each day for a year creates about 11kg of waste (Source: EMWRO). Good news all round then to see the upward trend of people switching to reusable, travel cups with nearly every coffee shop I enter these days offering some kind of option and range.

With Autumn approaching and most people heading back to school, work and college after a summer break there’s no better time to invest in a reusable cup to keep your coffee, tea or hot chocolate warm on your commute as the cold days draw in.

Plastic Cups

The Keep Cup brand is without doubt the most popular option I’ve seen around in coffee shops in Dublin, in the hands of passers-by and by colleagues in my office. The Keep-Cup is super light, has a lid which easily snaps on and off with a little mouthpiece for drinking your coffee without spilling it all over yourself (first hand experience here) and it’s dishwasher safe. You can buy this range in nearly every coffee shop in Dublin that stocks reusable cups and they have a big range online too in different colours and sizes. Coming in at approx 11e for the smaller option which comfortably holds a regular sized Americano or Cappuccino it’s not a huge investment cash-wise either. They even do limited edition brand collaborations like the one below as part of the Stars Range. Pretty cute. Check out the original range here. You can even design your own for a few euro more. The possibilities are endless!

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